Countries With the Most Olympic Medals in the Summer Games
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Countries With the Most Olympic Medals in the Summer Games

The ten countries in the world that have won the most Olympic medals during the Summer Olympics. All medals won for each country are counted. That includes gold, silver and bronze medals. One of the countries listed has merged with another country on the list, but because they were separate countries for many years, I've listed them separately.

The countries which have won the most total Olympic medals at the Summer Games since the modern Olympics began in 1896. The numbers are through the Beijing Olympics in 2008. As soon as the London Olympics are concluded, I will update the figures here to reflect the new totals.

Countries With the Most Olympic Medals in the Summer Games

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1. United States- 2,296 total medals

Without any doubt the country that has totally dominated the Summer Olympics has been the United States. Athletes from the United States have won a record 2,296 total medals at the Summer Olympics. That includes 929 gold, 729 silver and 638 bronze medals.

2. Russia- 1,010

With 1,010 total medals at the Summer Olympics, athletes from Russia have won the second most medals. When Russia was a communist country, the regimes put a great deal of emphasis on winning Olympic medals, and the state would fund training. Today, Russia still has great athletes, but the emphasis is less on the Olympics.

3. Germany- 851

German athletes have won a total of 851 medals in the Summer Olympics. That includes 247 gold, 287 silver, and 320 bronze medals.

4. Great Britain- 715

Athletes from Great Britain have won 715 total medals at the Summer Olympics. Most of the medals won by English athletes came in the early days of the modern Olympics.

Image Source(Opening ceremonies from first modern Olympics in Athens in 1896)

5. France- 637

Like Great Britain, most of France's 637 medals at the Summer Olympics came in the early days of the modern Olympics. France has won 191 gold, 212 silver, and 234 bronze medals.

6. Italy- 522

Athletes from Italy have won 522 total medals. That includes 191 gold, 157 silver, and 174 bronze medals.

7. Sweden- 475

Athletes from Sweden have won 475 total medals at the Summer Olympics. Swedes have won 142 gold, 160 silver, and 173 bronze medals.

8. Hungary- 459

Athletes from Hungary have won 459 total medals. That includes 159 gold, 141 silver, and 159 bronze medals.

9. Australia- 432

Athletes from Australia have won 432 total medals at the Summer Games. Aussies have won 131 gold, 137 silver, and 164 bronze medals.

10. East Germany- 409

Competing from 1952 to 1988, the Communist country of East Germany won 409 total medals at the Summer Olympics. If East Germany's total was added to Germany's total, that country would rank second all-time behind the United States for total medals at the modern Summer Olympics.

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It's Olympic time again and it wiil be another exciting event on the history of sports and competitions of different countries. Great to know these facts Joe, have a great day and thank you.

I didn't see my country. Maybe next year. FB liked my friend.

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